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Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is a type of surgery used to change the appearance of a person to get what they perceive as more desirable.

In some situations, you may need plastic surgery for functional reasons. For example, breast reduction is sometimes used to relieve back pain or neck.

Cosmetic surgery is different from reconstructive plastic surgery, which is a type of surgery used to repair tissues after injury or disease damage.

Cut & Past Cosmetic Surgery

Sometimes money is the root of costly mistakes . The fact that celebrities do something does not mean you have to jump in and do it well. Yes , many celebrities have changed their appearance through plastic surgery , but often you can see at a glance who has received a facelift badly because their faces were cut and pulled so hard that they are constantly surprised or constantly with a half-smile .

Michael Jackson , may he rest in peace , is a classic example of facial cosmetic surgery gone out of control, but we have all seen others that seem surprisingly unattractive, or strangely amended accordingly to have skin too tight or too full dermal implants or Botoxed into a zombie without expression. A number of celebrities have had their breasts enhanced and expanded to the point that her breasts seem to enter the room a minute before them, or rocks stand out as the chest, but that does not mean you should too. .. or that this aspect is the new normal .

In short, what you do not know about plastic surgery can affect not only your appearance but also your health and your budget. To help you think about it , we prepared overview of what is available with what you need to know about the risks and benefits of different procedures. Everything begins to find the best doctor for the job!

Cosmetic Surgery vs. Plastic Surgery

What is the difference between a plastic and cosmetic surgeon and board certified plastic surgeon ? Much! Training and qualifications in surgery are issues. Although a doctor may suggest cosmetic surgery, cosmetic or plastic , he or she can not hold a certificate to perform the surgery . The person can literally be a gynecologist , a pediatrician or dermatologist without training in cosmetic surgery that is. Board Certified means that the doctor went through a very specific and comprehensive training in a specialized field and passed a challenging exam, by a committee of experts in the field . A plastic or not board certified cosmetic surgeon can be self-taught and may lack formal training in this area. Plastic surgeons certified by the Commission consider that public safety issue , we believe is an understatement. They suggest to go to anyone but a board certified plastic surgeon is a big mistake , asking: ” Do you want your plastic surgery done by someone who has never had any formal training in plastic surgery ? ” Good question, and I bet we know what will be your answer!

According to the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery ( professional association) , many doctors performing plastic surgery or cosmetic today received training in another specialty – often a surgical specialty – or received surgical training in another region body. A clear difference certified plastic surgeons is that they will have privileges to perform plastic surgery in an accredited hospital . Although cosmetic surgery procedures are performed as in the doctor’s office, you want to be sure that your surgeon has the skill level accepted by an accredited hospital . It is quite fair to ask any doctor you see for cosmetic surgery if it is certified and affiliated hospitals . Then make sure that the hospital is accredited physician certification is valid and recognized by the American Board of Plastic Surgery ( ABPS ), the only board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ATMs) to certify doctors in the range full of plastic and reconstructive procedures . To check the status of a certificate of surgeon with the American Board of Plastic Surgery at (215) 587-9322 or visit the Office www.abplsurg.org or the American Board of Medical Specialties website at www . ABMS . org or call 1 -800-776-2378 (Source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons, www.plasticsurgery.org online ) .

Of course, there are great dermatologists and plastic surgeons certified ugly practice of plastic surgery . But the chances of finding someone who has no experience are greatly reduced when you take the time to find out if that person is certified . To be certified by the ABPS , a doctor must have at least five or six years of approved surgical training , including a period of two to three years of residency in plastic surgery. He or she must also have been in practice for at least two years and pass comprehensive written and oral examinations in plastic surgery.

For more information about a doctor in your area that offers these services, visit the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery www.asds.net website or call the American Society of Plastic Surgeons 1-888-475 – in 2784 .


When To Do Cosmetic Surgery

The options to change your body and face are almost limitless , and the results can be impressive. Traditional surgical procedures that affect the leather , thick, lined and sagging long abused by the sun can subtract years after the appearance of a person . Laser resurfacing can create smooth skin and remove skin imperfections . Dermal fillers can fill wrinkles and acne scars. Endoscopic facelifts can rejuvenate the face with small incisions , no cut and paste to the skin.

In the past , most people wait until they are well into their late 50s and 60s , with a visibly years before seriously considering cosmetic surgery. All that changed with the advent of procedures and the relatively non-invasive cost , such as laser resurfacing , Botox and fillers . In fact, having procedures done at a younger age , before you ” need ” means having a healthy skin for the year rather than a sudden change when he finally decides he can not take it anymore and find a plastic surgeon. Besisdes , why wait until your skin is falling and the leather before doing something about it (which should also consist of a routine care of daily anti -aging skin).

Women in their 40s and 50s may want to undergo cosmetic surgery for sagging corners of the mouth , light bag or sagging chin and jaw , and folds along the front . Although aging only by certain standards, these disturbers of the Middle Ages are easy to change. Also, having cosmetic surgery in this relatively young age slows the skin will continue to age way . Statistically, the most common age group for cosmetic surgery is 35-50 , and 19-34 . People over 65 are the least of cosmetic surgery .

There are also many options for cosmetic procedures are any maintenance or renovation of the face. If it comes to acne scars, excess fat or skin , veins popped face, skin spots , hair removal , or change the appearance of the nose or lips, the facial enhancement has many options to offer.

Some plastic surgeons suggest that when you are young, laser resurfacing ( Fraxel like ) , endoscopic facelifts , and a mini – folds ( do some of the face instead of a facelift in general) are the best ways to put off needed a complete facelift or belly of the eye that much further down the road. They say that if you do things as they come there is less trauma, better healing , and because young people tend to have more elasticity and skin oil , the results should last longer . Whether or not the less invasive procedures or minor procedures reduce the need for major surgery is not yet known, but there is something to be said for the side you want now as opposed to later .

We are in a new era of accessibility to cosmetic surgery . Some people have the pleasure of meeting her face does not look as old as they are, and they can have a choice on what to do about it . While the results are impressive (and often are) , people will want to stay young – looking through a procedure that is relatively safe and permanent (if any cosmetic surgery has a limited duration which means that your skin will not be left to age always free). This is not good or bad, it’s just a legitimate option to create the look you want. In addition, it is better to spend money on creams and lotions that do nothing wrinkles or saggging that bothers more . Skin care can do much to help prevent and repair the signs of aging, but cosmetic surgeon that you have to accept that when it comes to correct the signs of aging, a combination of skin care brilliant

Cosmetic surgery


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